Sunday, January 4, 2015

Map Your Writing Goals for 2015

Have you made a resolution to write more in the new year? Come to the Planning Class this Tuesday, January 6, from 9:45 to 11:45 a.m. at the Ajna Center, 75 S. Riverside Ave. Croton-on-Hudson, in Westchester County, NY. (Daytime doesn't work for you? Let me know.)

Bring a notebook and pen, as we're going to do exercises to clarify goals and make plans for achieving them in 2015.

These goals will be completely your own. If you want to draft a novel, or get a story published in a literary magazine, good; if you want to sit down twice a week and write with honesty, with no aim to "produce," that's great too. The point is to say your goals out loud, commit them to paper, and draw inspiration and encouragement from the company of other writers as you make a map for your writing journey. Drop in for just this session, or come back for periodic check-ins (I'll announce them) to talk about what's working and change what's not, so you can keep challenging yourself and moving forward.

The cost for this session is $40 for everybody. (Regular price is $50/class to drop in, $40/class if you pay for the month.)

Come join us!

(If you're feeling completely stuck, try this. Or one of these.)

 Happy New Year
Illustration by Rafael de Penagos, 1916, via 50watts

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