Monday, March 23, 2015

April Course Offering in Croton: Think Small

This class is full and is underway. Stay tuned for a new class in May.

The Croton Workshop will follow a new model starting in April: Each month, I'll offer a different short course. Participants can sign up for a month at a time.

Here's what we'll be doing in April. Contact me by March 27 to sign up. (Use the CONTACT ME form on the right.)

Think Small: Getting Published in a Small (High-Quality) Literary Journal

Lately, as an editor at Origins Journal and the instructor of Write to Print, I've been thinking a lot about literary magazines. This month's classes will focus on shaping your work for publication and finding a home for it.

If you write short stories, knowledge of literary magazines is a must. It's tough to get a collection of stories published, but it's not hard to find a home for really good individual pieces. And if you do write enough for a collection, publication in literary magazines greatly increases your chances of getting an editor interested.

If you're writing a novel, honing an excerpt for magazine publication is an invaluable lesson in how to make it stand out for editors and readers. You can also use a related story—maybe a subplot that doesn't quite fit, but interests you. What you learn from prepping it to go out in the world can save you many wasted hours and pages when you're back at work on your novel.

Even if you're not writing anything at the moment, but you want to, this course can work for you. Come in with whatever ideas you have; this course will help you turn them into prose.

Click here for the full syllabus.

Brave and Bold Weekly, September 1908

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