Saturday, May 30, 2015

Microfiction Assignment: Day Four

Previous exercises here:
Day One: Intro and Drafts
Day Two: Get Concrete
Day Three: The A-to-B Journey 

Today, put aside the revisions you did on Days Two and Three. Set your timer for five minutes and write another first draft: One hundred words about anything. Look at the picture below for inspiration, if you want.

Now set your timer for ten minutes. Revise what you just wrote, with an eye to both specifics and an A-to-B journey, as discussed before.

How did that go? Are those things coming more easily now? 

If they aren't yet, give them time. Consider writing another five-minute draft later today. And another tomorrow morning when you wake up.

Next: Tighten Up Your Sentences 

Odilon Redon, The Boat (Virgin with Corona), 1897
Go here to see it larger. Make it as big as possible on your screen. Really look at it.

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