Monday, June 1, 2015

Microfiction Assignment: Day Six

 Previous exercises here:
Day One: Intro and Drafts
Day Two: Get Concrete
Day Three: The A-to-B Journey
Day Four: A New Draft
Day Five: Tighten Your Sentences 

Today you'll write two new drafts and do one revision.

Set your timer for five minutes. Write the strangest, most offputting, most uncomfortable first draft possible. Look at the the picture below if you want.

Set your timer for for five minutes. Write the strangest, most fun, most daring fist draft possible. Center it on something you secretly love. Maybe something you've never admitted to loving. If you want a picture, find your own. Here's a good place to look.

Choose your favorite of these two drafts. Set your timer for ten minutes. Revise it, using all you've learned so far.

Next: Final Revisions and Where to Publish

Edvard Munch, Self-Portrait in Hell, 1903

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