Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Online class starting 1/25

Note: This class is underway. Let me know if you'd be interested in taking it in the future! 

This is a course of generative writing prompts. There is no goal other than to put ideas on the page. Three times a week, for four weeks, I'll send a prompt to your inbox. You send your work to the group. Or don't. There are no rules.

I'll read and acknowledge what you send, but won't comment, since the point isn't to write anything “good” or even intelligible to anyone other than yourself. The point is to explore. Open doors. Go into places that are disorienting, dreamlike, sideways, edgeless, glittery.

Since I won't be commenting on the work, the suggested fee is only $35, and you can pay less if you you wish (no explanation necessary).

Note: You can email me during class with your writing thoughts and questions; and you can also ask me afterwards which of your pieces I found most exciting, and I will gladly tell you.

Monday 1/25 — Friday 2/19

Use the CONTACT ME form on the right to sign up. 

Pierre Alechinsky, The Night, 1952

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