Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wednesday Night Fiction at Hudson Valley Writers' Center

If you're not ready to commit to Year of Your Book but you'd like to workshop your project, try this six-week class! Wednesday nights, starting April 20th.

This course is for writers at any stage of working on a piece of fiction who need a dose of encouragement, structure and feedback. In this class, you'll workshop excerpts from your work and do weekly in-class exercises geared towards helping you with different aspects of your project, including plot, character development and scene building. We'll also discuss daily writing practice, and how to keep up momentum when you're feeling stuck or out of time. You'll get optional exercises to do at home: short and focused, they'll help keep you moving forward every day, so you can make it to the finish line!

April, Theodor Severin Kittelsen, 1890

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