Friday, November 4, 2016

Write the Story @ Ferguson Library: Tuesday Class Recap for November 1

This week's class recap:

In Tuesday's class, we began by discussing where everyone is in the writing process, what challenges they're facing, what they've learned. We discussed individual strategies for moving forward, personalized for each writer and the stage they're at. 

Then we discussed revision in general: the importance of not judging an early draft, or letting it define your idea of yourself as a writer; of pushing through to the next draft; of reading over your work and taking an impartial look at what you'd like to change, without first needing to know how you're going to change it. We then did the tarot card exercise we'd done on our first day, but with a twist: this time, the cards were used to rewrite a scene. You can do it at home by clicking the link in the homework below.

The homework I gave was these three revision exercises. Those of you who aren't yet at the revision stage should keep working on your first draft. Save these and do them when you're ready. 

Homework: Revision Exercises

You Are Not Going to Cry (reading through your rough draft)

What's Wrong (the revision checklist)

How to Fix It (the tarot card rewrite exercise we did in class: use as often as you like!)

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