Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Write the Story @ Ferguson Library: Tuesday Class Recap for November 8

Today we continued to talk about revision. We discussed the logistics of getting rewrites done and read by the class in the next few weeks. Then everybody read their tarot card revision exercises which we'd written last week. 

We touched on last week's optional reading, Cheever's "A Country Husband, " then did some new exercises in stakes and goals, loosely based on the ones here and here

We also found ourselves in a fascinating discussion about objects, toys in particular, and what they can tell us about the characters who own, cherish, or in some cases, decide to let go of them. The homework this week is inspired by that: 

Set the timer for two minutes. Think of an object that was important to your main character in childhood. If your character is a child, it can be something that matters in the story's present.

Set the timer for ten minutes. Show your character interacting with that object, if they still have it, or if they don't, thinking about where the object is now. 

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