Saturday, July 15, 2017

Daily Exercises, Week Two, starts 7/17

Wow, the Daily Exercises class last week was intense. Only one fifteen-minute assignment per day, but I almost felt like I was seeing people's stories evolve at time-lapse speed. There was so much great energy in all the work.

I'm offering another this week, and the price, which I set earlier, is still $50. But this turned out to be a LOT of (really fun) work, so the next one is going to cost substantially more so that it's an accurate reflection of the time I put in. Get the cheap one while you can!

Daily Exercises Online class
All levels welcome!
Monday 7/17 - Friday 7/21

Use the CONTACT ME form on the right to email me and sign up.

Want a sample of what we do in class? Click here. In class you'd share the result, and your current project/idea, with me and others and hear our (friendly, encouraging) responses. 

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