Monday, July 17, 2017

The Tarot Card Exercise

The Tarot Card Exercise 
The Hand Fate Deals You

I'm posting this today for my new Daily Exercises class, but anyone can do it.

This exercise is a perennial favorite in my classes. It might look complicated, but the very specific parameters can be unexpectedly freeing.

Here's the exercise:

Write down three numbers between one and fifty.  (If you like, use this random number generator.)

Now click here. Write down the three words or phrases associated with your numbers.

This is the hand fate has dealt you. (In class, they'd be on cards sitting in front of you.)

Set your timer for fifteen minutes. Keep writing until the timer goes off.

The first word or phrase should be included in your first sentence
The second goes anywhere in the middle
The last one must be included in the last sentence

Remember: Keep writing until the timer goes off. It does not have to be "good." It does not have to be "right." It does not even have to make sense. Just keep putting words on the page.

That's it!

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