=One-on-One Work=

I'm an award-winning author and a passionate writing teacher, educated at the Iowa Writers' Workshop, with over 20 years experience helping writers at all levels.

I offer weekly and biweekly coaching to help you formulate and reach your writing goals. Personalized plans start at $100 per session.

I also work as an editor on individual projects: I'm happy to read your short story, novel, or partial draft. My editing rate is $70 for ten pages. (For editing purposes, a "page" is the standard 12-point type, double-spaced page with one-inch margins.) Discounts are available for works over 150 pages. The fee includes margin notes and detailed written comments, as well as follow-up questions and discussion by email. In-person and telephone meetings are available at $70/hour. If you are in real need of a discount, especially if you are in the military, clergy, education, or other helping profession, please ask and I will try to work out a plan with you.

Use the CONTACT ME form on the right to get in touch.

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