July 2017

Revolutionary Books to Read for Independence Day, Lincoln Michel, Vice

June 2017

Wittgenstein and the Talking Dogs: Do We Really Want to Know What Dogs Are Thinking?, Jacob Brogan, Slate 

Books We Love So Much, We're Reading Them in Our Off-Time, Musing, the Parnassus Books Lit Journal

May 2017

When Talking Canines Took Over New York, Jeff VanderMeer in The Atlantic

Remembering Denis Johnson, Kirsten Bakis, contributor, LitHub

What Happens After Monster Dogs, Jeff VanderMeer and Kirsten Bakis, FSG Works in Progress

The Monstrous and the Tragic: Kirsten Bakis's Lives of the Monster Dogs, Tobias Carroll, Tor.com

Must-Read May New Releases, Book Riot

Vol. 1 Brooklyn's May 2017 Book Preview, Volume 1 Brooklyn

15 Books to Read This MayLiterary Hub

Ten Good Bites of Prose, Wayne Allan Brenner, The Austin Chronicle

March 2017

Ander Monson on the Tragedy and Pleasure of the One Hit Wonder, Literary Hub (Glad they added "so far" after mine!) 

Peek Over Our Shoulders: What Rioters are Reading,  Wallace Yovetich, Jan Rosenberg, Book Riot

February 2017

The Tale Collector: Lives of the Monster Dogs, KTWH Radio

January 2017

A Cheat-Sheet Guide to Frankenstein, and the novel's legacy for scientific invention, Slate


What Novel You Should Read Based on Your Favorite Game of Thrones Character, Men's Journal

100 Must-Read Strange and Unusual Novels, Book Riot


The Five Weirdest Frankenstein Books Ever, The Guardian

Are You As Well-Read As Stephen King? Buzzfeed


Watch the sophisticated hijinks of classy uplifted dogs, io9

Now You Can Wear a Tail That Syncs to Your Brain, Jezebel


10 Stories About Uplifted Animals Who Gain Human Intelligence, Analee Newitz, io9


Laurie Penny: John Gray's “all-new” science fiction reading list, New Statesman

Top hat-sporting dog aristocrats get their own terrifying film, io9

Chris Wedge Picks up 'Lives of Monster Dogs,' Excess Hollywood

Chris Wedge to Tackle Lives of the Monster Dogs, The Hollywood News


When Animals Think Like Humans, They Won't Thank Us, io9


Kirsten Bakis: 2004 Winner in Fiction, Whiting Foundation


A Host of Debuts, Time


'Monster Dogs': A Unique Breed, USA Today


Featured Review: Lives of the Monster Dogs, SF Site


Unleashed on Manhattan, M.G. Lord, New York Times Book Review

Woof! Woof! Lives of the Monster Dogs by Kirsten Bakis, LA Times

Fiction Book Review: Lives of the Monster Dogs, Publisher's Weekly

Picks and Pans Review: Lives of the Monster Dogs, People

College and university courses

Syllabus for "No Girls Allowed? Women and Science fiction Sarah Lawrence Spring 2016

Bibliography for "Famous Dogs in Literature," UNC Chapel Hill 2005

Fan Fiction and Art

Return of the Monster Dogs

Lydia's Humanity is Mostly Prosthetic

Scholarly Articles

Are We Not Men? When the Human-Animal Cyborg Talks Back

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